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Acoustic Low-E Laminated Glass

ComfortHush™ is a range of locally produced acoustic performance laminates incorporating a special 3 ply acoustic PVB interlayer designed to reduce sound transmission and also features a Low E coated component to provide improved thermal insulation performance. ComfortHush™ is a Grade A laminated Safety Glass.

Available glass thicknesses


6.5mm, 10.5mm.


6.88mm, 10.88mm.


6.88mm, 10.88mm.


6.88mm, 10.88mm.


  • The 3-layered acoustic interlayer laminate is specially designed to dampen noise and limit vibrations.
  • Low-E Coating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.
  • The 3-layer laminate of ComfortHush™ provides higher UV protection, reducing the rate of UV fading.
  • High clarity and low distortion.
  • Made to an exceptional standard with a consistent flat surface.
  • Provides the greatest level of noise dampening over the same thickness of float glass. By incorporating laminated safety glass into a double glazed unit, excellent sound reduction can be achieved.


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