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Glass Processing

Types of edgework available

  • Rough Arris
  • Flat Polish
  • Flat Grind
  • Pencil Polish
  • Pencil Grind
  • Polished Mitre
  • Ground Mitre
  • Polished Bevel
  • CNC Polish

Types of Holes

  • Polished Holes
  • Countersunk Holes
  • Slotted Holes

Types of Cutouts

  • Corner notches
  • Internal cutouts
  • Hinge cutouts
  • Polished cutouts

Please note: Polished holes and cutouts are available with a minimum diameter of Ø40mm and an internal radius of 17mm

  • Rough arrised
  • Flat ground
  • Flat polished
  • Rough arrised
  • Flat ground
  • Flat polished

Glass processing to Template.

We prefer DXF files for templates, or exact radiuses/angles if known.

Acceptable Template materials:

MDF, timber, ply, white core flute, perspex or sheet metal is suitable for scanning, provided that the material is clean and cut to exact shape. We prefer holes and cutouts to be drilled or cut to the exact size required. Where templates are supplied without the required holes and cutouts, they must be clearly indicated with exact diameters/dimensions provided. 

Please note: Templates made from paper or extremely dark coloured materials are not able to be scanned.

Please find our shape catalogue with various type of shapes that are in our system.

We are able to paint any panel to a specific colour whether to sample or specific paint code.
Various finishes include Solid & Metallic and Pearlescent.
We can also provide hand silvered glass to your needs. Antique finishes are also available.

We are able to produce extremely large and small single and double glazed panels to suit your needs.

“No job is too big or small”

We use a state of the art Furnace manufactured by TAMGLASS.

We can toughen many types of glass including customer’s own.

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