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Safety glass

Looking at Your Safety Glass Options

Laminated Safety Glass
There are many great options out there, and one of the most popular is going to be conventional laminated safety glass. This is used for a wide variety of different instances where it’s important to have some protection. These are great for resisting massive impact damage while still avoiding potential injury because the glass is held in place even after damage.

Laminated safety glass is often seen in stores in rougher neighbourhoods where the cashier is given some protection from potential criminals. This is also common in places that require clear vision but need a strong surface to increase protection from potential damage.

This is created by creating and then combining two or more sheets of glass with layers of plastic in between each – creating that extra sturdiness you’re aiming for. Laminated safety glass is also very versatile because the thickness and strength can both vary greatly based on the number of total layers used and the number and thickness of the plastic sheets in between the glass layers as well.

These are good for noise control, resisting bullets or other impacts, privacy, and security, among other things.

Proven Protection Against Burglary & Vandalism
The glass may break but even when it does those multiple layers help guarantee that overall structural integrity will remain. That barrier is part of what makes it so good for really slowing down or even stopping vandalism or break-in attempts. When properly made, security glass can actually often resist several attacks.

This is a must for protecting valuable goods that need to be on display, and are perfect for many museum displays and stores. This lets them show what they offer without worrying a simple brick can lead to an easy robbery.

In addition to this they are often used by banks, special society buildings, post offices, security glazing in buildings like courthouses and hospitals, and more.

Standard sizes vary widely ranging from as thin at 7.5 mm and running all the way up to 19.5 mm in size.

Toughened Glass Is Also An Option
This glass is up to 500% stronger than normal glass of the same size. That is some impressively strong glass and this is the type of glass that is often used in building skyscrapers and other impressively sized buildings. This type of glass is often crucial for meeting the obvious safety standards of many building designs.

This isn’t just safety and appearance, either, but in the right situation toughened glass has great uses structurally, as roof glazing, and more. Stronger glass is sometimes a must, and toughened glass is often the solution when laminated glass is not. The centre balancing of every type of imaginable tensile stress is part of what makes this glass so valuable.

Understanding the Benefits
There’s no denying the benefits when it comes to safety, strength, and providing more than regular glass possibly could. Some mixtures can even be designed to encourage soundproofing or other benefits.

These are proven solutions from many decades of producing high demand glass. It’s stronger, more versatile, and meets all the standards and requirements that would be expected. From increased safety to wonderful versatile uses, strengthened glass options are there to meet all your needs.

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