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Low-E Laminated Glass

ComfortPlus™ consists of a locally made range of clear and toned laminated glass options featuring a transparent, durable pyrolytic Low E coating. ComfortPlus™ products offer improved thermal and sound insulation in a single laminate with a selection of colours, daylight transmission and solar control. The range also offers relatively low internal and external reflectivity, typically desirable in residential and commercial buildings when transparency is valued. ComfortPlus™ is a Grade A Safety laminated glass.

Available glass thicknesses

Clear 82:

6.38mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm.

Neutral 59:

6.38mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm

Light Grey 54:

6.38mm, 10.38mm

Grey 40:

6.38mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm.

Bronze 49:

6.38mm, 10.38mm

Green 71:

6.38mm, 10.38mm


6.38mm, 10.38mm


  • Low E Coating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.
  • The ComfortPlus™ range has a laminated layer than contributes towards making the range a Grade A safety glass as standard.
  • ComfortPlus™ reduces the rate of UV light entering the space by 99%
  • The ComfortPlus™ laminate reduces voice noise by 13% and traffic noise by 24% when compared to standard 3mm glass.
  • ComfortPlus™ is designed with a consideration for mixed and warmer climates or where mid-range solar control and insulation are desired.
  • High clarity and low distortion.
  • Tested and certified to Grade A safety glass standards.
  • Made to an exceptional standard with a consistent flat surface.
  • Provides a good level of noise dampening over the same thickness of float glass. By incorporating laminated safety glass into a double glazed unit, excellent sound reduction can be achieved.


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